Committee to Elect Heather A. Begley


Kori Aldrich

Kristin Blathras

Robert A. Clifford

Lisa Connors

William F. Cunningham

Timothy F. Dobry

Bridget Duignan

Robert R. Duncan

Kevin P. Durkin

Maureen Fagan

Katie Gira

Terrence Heafey

Kimberly Houston

Shawn Kasserman

Nicole Keough

Patrick Keough

Daniel Kotin

Jeffrey J. Kroll

Michael S. Krzak

Michael Malatesta

Ronette McCarthy

James Mulligan

Gina Narciso

Katherine Pizer

Thomas K. Prindable

James J. Roche

Matthew Rundio

Jennifer Schroeder

Michael R. Slovis

Marni R. Slavick

Hilary Rhodes

Timothy S. Tomasik

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